Consulting services

Strategy development and implementation support

Successful organisations, whether they are private, public or not-for-profit are driven by robust strategies that underpin their vision, objectives and activities. The strategy that they adopt influences all their other activities. Penbryn is experienced in working with organisations of all types and in all sectors to help them develop robust strategies enabling them to make the right decisions needed to take their organisations forward.

This means different things in different context, but whether it is an innovation strategy for one of our public sector clients; a visioning exercise for a not-for-profit body; or advice on critical strategic investment decisions; Penbryn’s strategy experience will assist our client’s to drive their organisation forward.

Recent assignments include:

“Shape your future”future trends and future scenarios for the voluntary sector to 2035. Client: Welsh Council for Voluntary Action

“Future Technologies – Ireland” – future technology and disruptive innovations study for Dept of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Ireland (with Z-punkt and USW)

“The Future Wellbeing of Wales: 2030 Scenario Vignettes” – scenario vignettes developed for the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner Wales – with USW and Eva Trier

Innovation and knowledge transfer

Increasingly, innovation and technology pose management challenges for organisations that are largely similar whether they are a small company, a charity or a public sector body.

Penbryn works with clients to embed innovation and technology in their activities, to help them organise themselves for innovation and to create the culture needed to drive innovation in their organisations.

Recent assignments include:

“A potential National Innovation body for Wales” – a study for the Welsh Government and the Innovation Advisory Council for Wales – managed by Penbryn Consulting and delivered in partnership with CM International, Glenn Athey, Prof Kevin Morgan, Eva Trier and Alasdair Reid.

“Smart Suite Inception Evaluation” – a baseline evaluation of the new suite of innovation and knowledge transfer programmes managed by the Welsh Government and delivered across Wales with EU funding support. Project was led by the Innovation Partnership Ltd in association with Penbryn Consulting and Bangor University.

Mentoring and coaching

Recent assignments include:

UCan Go – market scoping report and business development advice.

doopoll Ltd – business development mentoring

Professional facilitation

We all know that time spent in meetings can be costly if that time is not used well. Penbryn and its associates are professionally trained and widely experienced to deliver meetings and events that are well-designed, interactive and properly facilitated.

We help organisations – private, public and not-for-profits – by facilitating meetings and managing face-to-face consultations with their target audience, customers and partners.

Professional facilitation helps your staff boost their creativity; engage effectively; solve difficult problems; create action plans and gain commitment and consensus. The end results are better decisions, better actions and better results.

Recent assignments include:

Many, if not quite all, of our assignments will typically involve an element of facilitated engagements with clients, stakeholders or customers/ beneficiaries of our clients activities.